Atropos Hypnotherapy is the hypnotherapy practice of Ben Henderson. Certified in hypnotherapy since 2014, Ben has been training with some of the world’s best hypnosis and hypnotherapy teachers, and takes on regular hypnosis CPD with trainers from around the globe.

The hypnotic state is often described as ‘very relaxed, yet fully alert'. It isn’t the same as going to sleep, so you are aware and in control of everything you do. This state usually feels very pleasant, in fact, it’s a very natural thing that we all do, similar to daydreaming. Statistics say that most of us do it every 90 minutes! Your concentration becomes a little more focused, and your conscious thinking becomes more lucid, helping you to work on the problem without getting anxious or worried about it.
You are ALWAYS in control, no matter what you may have seen on the TV or in shows! They are just there to entertain and don't reflect any of the effects of clinical hypnotherapy. This therapeutic technique very gently eases you into a pleasant state of relaxation, so we can work on deeper areas of your consciousness, where all substantial changes take place. At any time you want to stop the session, you will be able to, and you will go as deep as you want. The fact is, that the experience is very pleasant, so you are probably more likely to go deeper than you realise. I always find the nice thing about hypnotherapy is that the subconscious doesn't respond to negative, only positive suggestions and imagery, so the experience leaves you feeling really positive and rested, almost like a good night's sleep.

Atropos Hypnotherapy has professional indemnity insurance, and several qualifications in hypnotherapy as well as ongoing CPD.